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Client FAQs

Service Fees

What is your fee?

Our standard recruitment service fee is 30% of the annualized salary on full-time positions. Currently, we are only accepting clients seeking full-time candidates.

What if the candidate is let go?

Each candidate is guaranteed for 60 days. If the candidate is let go within 60 days, for whatever reason, we will find a suitable replacement at no charge.

The Recruitment Process

How long does it take?

Our goal is to have a candidate portfolio delivered within one week.

Where do you source your talent?

We have exclusive access to AngularJS specific domains. This has allowed us to grow a private talent pool of developers seeking work with AngularJS.

Our Developers

What is an AngularJS Developer?

Not only is an AngularJS developer capable of working with the latest and greatest JavaScript frameworks. This developer is also capable of recognizing breakthrough technologies and adapting to major changes in their workflow. Each developer also comes with their own custom set of skills useful for front and backend development.

What are other common skills among AngularJS developers?

Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Python, Java, Scala, .Net.